Suicide Warning Signs

Most people who commit suicide give clues and warning signs. Knowing what these suicide warning signs are could save a life:

  • Becomes depressed or melancholic (i.e., feels sad, hopeless and overly pessimistic)
  • Talks a lot about death, suicide, or that there is no reason to live
  • Shows signs of preparing for death, such as putting matters in order, disposes of valuable objects or personal property, or shows signs of saying goodbye to people
  • Demonstrates a marked change in behaviour, attitude and appearance
  • Engages in risk behaviour, such as impulsivity and aggressiveness
  • Increases the consumption of alcohol, medication and/or drugs
  • Withdraws or isolates socially
  • Persistent insomnia and anxiety
  • Unusual apathy and/or lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Relationship difficulties
  • School failure or work problems
  • Self harm

This list is not conclusive. If you suspect that you know someone who may be suicidal, please seek help.