Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

This memoir follows a marriage in crisis and a woman's painful journey of self-discovery. It presents one of the most enlightening definitions of love and the human soul. 

Raised by her parents, Melton always felt out of place and worthless. Like many young girls, she found an escape from this dark world in bulimia. This started a cycle of binging and purging. Soon after that, Melton escapes her feelings even further. She disguises her vulnerabilities with shallowness, drinking, and emotionless sex. Being thin, attractive and a boy magnet became her new reality. All underpinned by an eating disorder, alcoholism and self-loathing. 

During this period of unacknowledged hardship, she met her future husband, Craig. She believed he encapsulated the goodness of humankind and would rescue her from her self-destructive life. The two got married when Melton fell pregnant. This would not be her first pregnancy since she aborted her first pregnancy. This second pregnancy would become the author's saving grace, though. She began to get her bulimia and addiction to alcohol under control. But, things weren't okay. She was lonely, and her traumatic past made her despise sex with Craig.  

This confusing and frustrating period led Melton to create a successful blog. She also published a bestselling book that resonated with many women. These two platforms provided the much-needed space where she could speak her truth. But this did not stop the difficulties from pouring in. In a therapy session aimed at addressing Craig's porn addiction, she learns about his many infidelities. The two separated. 

To try and find herself again, Melton started seeing her own therapist. She began to realise that she sought perfection in the neediness and brokenness of both her and Craig. For the two to heal, they needed to work on and own themselves before each other. And so, a long period of introspection and self-acceptance began. Melton and Craig started to communicate more honestly with each other. And a beautiful yet painful journey of reconciliation and reattachment ensues.

This memoir's narrative tells a compelling story about self-discovery. It portrays what the essence of true, mature love is. It's painfully honest and poetically beautiful. 

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