Happiness is a Decision

Happiness is often related to wanting a different reality in the future. Examples include better finances, improved relationships, a new car, or being more confident. We wait for conditions to change before we will be happy.

The problem with this thinking is that we don't appreciate the good we have in our lives. Instead of being grateful, we end up chasing something that we don't have. We don't appreciate the here and now, the successes we have achieved, or the beauty that exists around us. This mindset hinders our happiness.

The reality is happiness is not something we get when circumstances change. We cannot be happy by achieving something when we are unhappy. Instead, circumstances change because we're happy. To get to a place of being happy requires that we appreciate what we have today. What we create from within, will show itself in the outside world. In other words, whatever we decide to be results in corresponding conditions. Happiness is here and now.

Happiness is not a result, happiness is the cause. Because we feel happy, we attract more happiness. By being happy, we make better decisions. That makes it easier for us to reach our goals. Happiness is not something we get when we reach our goal. We achieve our goals from a sense of happiness. 

So love yourself enough to choose happiness. Everything else will fall intro place.