5 Tips To Finding Happiness

1.) Let go of negativity.

Learn to forgive and forget. See every challenge as an opportunity for further growth. Express gratitude for what you have. Cultivate optimism for the future. And know that none of us is perfect. 

Do not worry about the little things. Train your mind to stay away from negative thoughts. If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with positive energy and people. Cultivate positive relationships with the people you know that make you feel good. And spend less time trying to please others. Instead, spend more time with your higher self.

2.) Try to be kind to others.

Treat everyone with kindness. When you speak negatively of other people, you attract further negativity to yourself. 

Listen to others. Be present and attentive to what others are saying. And when speaking, be careful in your choice of words. 

Respect others and their free will. Put your confidence in others. Enjoy the sense of community and friendship that comes from this openness and trust. 

Work as part of a whole. Combine your efforts with those of others to create a powerful synergy of anything. Remember "unity is strength". 

Practice generosity and do so without expecting anything in return. And don't forget to smile more often. It can radically change the way you feel. 

3.) Choose a healthy lifestyle.

Get enough sleep - proper rest leads to optimism, increased self-esteem and better problem-solving skills. 

Turn off the television. For every hour of TV you watch, your life expectancy reduces by 22 minutes. 

Eat properly. What you eat has a direct effect on your mood and energy levels. Eat plenty of fruits, locally grown organic products, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. Avoid sugary foods, carbonated drinks and overly processed carbohydrates. 

Exercise every day. This will circulate endorphins that prevent stress, relieve depression and help your mood. 

Laugh more. Laughter is the best medicine. Like exercise, laughter releases endorphins that fight the negative effects of stress. It also promotes a sense of well-being and joy. 

Practice deep breathing and yoga. The body and mind are connected. Our emotions affect physical systems in the body, and the state of the body also affects the mind. By relaxing and releasing tension, you will feel calmer and more focused.

Do things that you think will give you the inner and outer success in your life. Write down the things you need to do to create your state of happiness. Start with the little everyday things that bring you joy. Then move on to more and bigger things on your list.

4.) Take care of your spirit.

Strive always to learn new things. This will expand your awareness and help discover new ways to live life. 

Be creative. This is not only a challenge to learn new things, but it keeps the mind in a positive state. Live in the present moment and use your creativity.

Practice meditation. Research has shown that even 10 minutes of meditation a day leads to physical changes in the brain. It improves concentration and focus and calms the nervous system. This helps to be more kind and compassionate. You can then pour the peace that you get from meditation into your life.

Be honest. Telling the truth builds trust. It also enhances your willpower and ability to attract success.

5.)  Connect with nature.

Take some time each week to recharge your body. Get outside to where you can breathe fresh air and feel the sun on your skin. Studies have shown that this habit has a positive effect on our health and our mood.

Take the time to be silent. 10 minutes of total silence and listening. This will produce inner happiness that will help you deal with life's challenges. It's a mental workout many of us need.

Finally, observe the natural beauty around you and feel connected. Appreciate the details that are only found in nature.

This post was published in South Africa. If you share it, you could help another person feel better, solve a problem or simply refocus their lives. Thanks for the support.