20 things we should say more often

Sometimes all it takes to make ourselves, and those around us, feel better are a few words. Our words can have a profound effect; some experts suggest that the more positivity we feel and share, the more we will receive.

So, with that in mind, below are 20 things I think we should say more often. Can you think of anything else?

  1. Thank you!
  2. Excuse me.
  3. I'm sorry.
  4. I forgive you.
  5. You can do it!
  6. I was wrong.
  7. Please.
  8. Everything will be okay.
  9. How can I help?
  10. I do not know.
  11. You are amazing!
  12. "Hello" person I've never met before.
  13. How are you?
  14. I am grateful for you.
  15. This too will pass.
  16. I disagree with you but still like you as a person.
  17. Sometimes you should just shout: AAAAAH!
  18. Life is hard, but you are / I am strong.
  19. I can do this.
  20. I am perfect as I am.

Thanks for sharing :)