Gino Cosme

Gino Cosme

Psychology in pixel format.

This psychology blog is published to inspire people to live happier, more fulfilled lives. I like to think that it stands out from the many counselling and psychology sites out there - whether in South Africa or abroad. Core to my writing is the belief that life is understood rather than fixed.   

A few other things that I have learnt and believe in:

  • Every problem has a history. There is always context to our problems.
  • Instead of relying on destructive behaviour, we need to be taught new skills.
  • Who we are is the person we have learnt to become. The beautiful thing, though, is this can be unlearnt. We just need to be willing to try.
  • Our view and opinions of others is often distorted based on our perceptions.
  • Relationships are about "disruption and repair". They are not about endless harmony.

If these beliefs resonate with you, please continue reading the below blog posts.

Who am I?

For 12 years I worked as a digital communication strategist. During this period, I worked with clients in South Africa and across four continents, including Asia, Europe, America and Africa. I have also been featured in many publications including Entrepreneur, Destiny, Destiny Man, The Star, CEO and IT Web's Brainstorm,. 

Throughout my work, what stood out the most to me was how cultural norms impact human behaviour. This led me to explore whether technology or psychology were my real passions. I began to realise that I was unfulfilled in an industry that I had devoted much of my adult life to. On the flip side, I have always been curious about people - how they think and behave, and why they do what they do. This process of self-discovery ultimately steered me towards counselling and psychology.

And so, psychology and mental health is the industry I find myself in today. I have a keen interest in psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and human development. My research interest also has my eyes on a PhD.. 

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.